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Jong-Hun Yoo 증명사진.png

Jong-Hun Yoo

Jonghun Yoo received the B.S. degree in Computer Engineering from Kwangwoon University (KWU), Seoul, Korea, in 2012. He is working toward M.S. degree in computer engineering at the same University. Since 2010, he has been a Research Assistant with the Department of Computer Engineering, KWU. His research interests are next-generation video coding, signal processing and scalable video coding.

 International Journal Papers


1. Jonghun Yoo, Junghak Nam, Jiwoo Ryu, Donggyu Sim, "Rate control to reduce bitrate fluctuation on HEVC", IEEK SPC, 2012. Dec.

2. Hyomin Choi, Jonghun Yoo, Junghak Nam, Donggyu Sim, and V. Bajić, "Pixel-Wise Unified Rate-Quantization Model for Multi-Level Rate Control," IEEE journal of Selected Topics in Signal Processing, vol. ##, no. #, July, 2013.

 Domestic Journal Papers

1. 남정학, 유종훈, 심동규, 오승준, "스크린 콘텐츠 영상 압축을 위한 화소 영역 양자화 방법", 대한전자공학회, 2012년 7월.

 Domestic Conference Papers

1. 유종훈, 조현호, "SIMD를 이용한 HEVC 하다마드 트랜스폼의 고속 구현", 한국방송공학회 학술대회, 2011년 11월.

2. 유종훈, 조현호, 유은경, 심동규, 김두현, 송준호, "Reconfigurable processor 기반의 보간 필터 고속화", 신호처리합동학술대회, 2012년 9월.

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